What happens if the car breaks down on the wedding day itself or is delayed in arriving by heavy traffic.

As this is a very emotive question we will answer this with frankness and reality.

Vehicles as we all know can break down at the most inopportune moment or can be held up in traffic congestion, a fact of life in today’s modern world, and even though our drivers add an additional hour on to the normal driving time in order to reach you with time to spare, we would strongly advise that you also prepare beforehand and have a back up plan to put into action.

Our office telephone is always manned throughout the duration of any Wedding booking that we have so should any problem occur you can call us in the office and we will endeavour to sort the problem ASAP. We can also give you your Chauffeurs mobile phone number, but please remember that all contact with the driver on the day is by mobile phone and therefore subject to signal reception and the new mobile phone driving laws.

For peace of mind we would advise you to nominate a friend or neighbour or guest attending your wedding to be your rescue car in the event of a last minute problem, to be prepared to collect the Bride at short notice. They will need to be contactable by mobile phone and have it switched on until they know the Bride has arrived safely at the church. The object is to get the Bride to the Church in as little delay as possible, even a local taxi company may not be able to provide a car as quickly as your nominated friend or neighbour who has been pre-notified and briefed.

For our part, on most wedding days we will probably have a spare vehicle available to cover such last minute eventualities, however this vehicle may be based some distance from where your vehicle breaks down or where your pick up address is, and therefore may take some time to reach you, so you will then need to decide whether to wait for the standby car and possibly arrive at the Church later than scheduled or proceed to Church by your own means.

In the interim after the Bride is finally on her way the original vehicle with problems may be able to be rectified by the breakdown services or our standby car will be able to proceed to the ceremony venue so it will be waiting for the Bride and Groom’s onward journey to the reception. Please do not worry, 99% of weddings go according to plan so we are confident that your wedding will proceed to the original arrangement, but a back up plan prepared beforehand hand is a sensible precaution and will also help to take some of the stress out of the situation if it does occur