Other Offers

It has been brought to our attention that various individuals and websites are offering London Taxis for use as bridal transport.

Some may offer their service cheaper and some may even offer the hire of a White London Taxi of which they cannot honour, there are very few White London Taxis available for hire as wedding transport and the vast majority of them are operated and/or marketed by us. There are only 2 other operators whom we would personally recommend to prospective customers and willingly do so when we are unable to undertake a booking.

When booking a White London Taxi be sure of exactly what vehicle and service you are getting for your money, this may sound like sour grapes to some which we can assure you it is not, we want you day to go as smoothly as possible and without a hitch and this is why we have offered this warning.

We have also undertaken a lot of weddings lately were we have provided the main bridal vehicle and secondary cars have been booked through other companies, (some of them could be considered amongst the largest in the London area) where the cars that were booked have failed to show up. Please get an assurance that the cars that you have booked will arrive at the time required when booking with other Taxi or Private Hire companies, we have in the past seen many brides get distressed when they are informed that the cars that they have booked have failed to show.

We offer this advice to our prospective customers as we tend to take it personally when things do not go to plan with weddings that we are involved with.