Wedding Transport, How far in advance should I book my Wedding Cars

There is a plethora of articles giving timelines of when specific things should be done or booked when planning your wedding. Many of these offer good advice to the prospective bride and groom offering their views on when you should do certain things like sending out of Wedding Invitations, Dress fittings and the time you should allow for alterations. They also offer guidance on speeches and the protocol for a formal wedding.

One area that we feel many of them give the wrong advice is when it comes to the booking of your wedding transport. Most of these advice guides tend to recommend booking of cars and other transport should be undertaken 4-6 months prior to the date of your wedding which we feel is leaving it a little bit late and could leave you disappointed when you find that your dream transport is no longer available.

Most wedding car companies will accept bookings months and years in advance and the most popular vehicles are obviously the first to get booked. We at Wedding Taxis already have bookings during every month of 2016, we have a lot of bookings already for 2017 and a few bookings for 2018.

We receive around 50 enquiries per week and are currently replying to couples who are getting married as far ahead as 2019!

When it comes to booking services our advice would be to book as early as possible, as soon as you have booked your wedding date then start to enquire as to the availability of the goods and services that you would like.

We only book our vehicles out on one wedding each day so the timings are not important at the time of booking and can be adjusted as you get closer to your date and have spoken to the person conducting your ceremony, your photographer and anyone else involved in your wedding day.

To enquire as to the availability of any of our lovely Wedding Taxis please fill in our Enquiry Form

So in summing up, book as early as you can to avoid disappointment!