IMG_0566We were booked to do a late night pick up from the Renaissance Hotel at Heathrow Airport to Kingston. The wedding had been a traditional one and the thing that I love about these weddings whether they are Sikh, Muslim or otherwise, is the wonderful colours in the clothing that both the Bride and Groom wear.

The colours are really lovely as can be seen in the photograph to the right, both Asir and Zainab were dressed in traditional clothing and they make a lovely couple.

After the tradition of the men pushing the car away from the reception venue I drove the happy couple down to Kingston upon Thames where I left Asir to go and barter for the right to take his bride away from her family.

One of the great things about doing this job is learning about the different cultures and traditions that take place within different wedding ceremonies.

We at Wedding Taxis would like to wish Asir and Zainab all the very best for the future.