IMG_1188I know “Back In Black is a term used by Hailo in some of their advertising which is quite ironic as their liveried taxis are actually yellow! but yesterday I did a Wedding in our Black Fairway Wedding Taxi.

The bride was to leave from her home in Richmond and the Ceremony was taking place in Church Lane Petersham. When I arrived at the house their was already a very nice S Class Mercedes parked up decorated with Ribbons and flowers, I was later to find out that there were six S Class Mercedes cars booked for this wedding.


After I checked the ribbons and flowers on Lenny our black Fairway looked smart and tidy I went to the door of the house to introduce myself to the bride to be Emily, she was so excited and a little bit emotional but was extremely pleased to see me as she said that she had always wanted to travel to her wedding in a traditional black taxi.

After all of the guests, bridesmaids and brides mum had left the house in the £70,000+ Mercedes cars i reversed Lenny down to outside the house where Emily , who looked splendid in her beautiful white dress came out very excited to be getting into our traditional black London Taxi still telling me how much she always wanted to get married in a black wedding taxi.


The journey to the church went extremely smoothly except that as we arrived at Church Lane, which is a very small unmade road,  there was a bus blocking my view of the lane and I very nearly drove past, but thanks to the fantastic turning circle of a London Taxi I was easily able to turn into Church Lane and allow Emily to alight from the Taxi right outside the door of the church.

After the ceremony there was to be a champagne reception at a local pub, as the distance between the two venues was very short the bride and groom intended to walk with their guests to the pub so I preceded to the pub car park and parked up along side the silver Mercedes.

IMG_1201After the drinks reception the happy couple climbed aboard our traditional black wedding taxi and we drove the short distance to Richmond Hill where they had a drink in a local pub and then had some photographs taken by their photographer where I took the opportunity and grabbed my camera to capture a few of my own snaps.

We then drove onto the rugby club where the main reception was to be held while all throughout the journey Emily kept thanking me for driving her for the day and that our black taxi looked beautiful. When I dropped them off at the final destination I allowed them a few minutes on their own in the taxi before they went off to greet their guest and enjoy their evening reception.

IMG_1213Before she left, Emily insisted on giving me a kiss and then instructed her new husband Joe that she would like a photograph with me and Lenny our Black Fairway.

Emily and Joe make a lovely couple and I would like to wish them all the very best for the future.