IMG_1413This was to be quite a simple wedding, I picked up the Groom and his family from Tooting in the morning and delivered them safely to Chelsea Register Office. Alexander is from Italy and his family spoke very little English which made for a quite amusing conversation between his dad and myself.

I then went on to the Royal Garden Hotel to collect the bride, who looked absolutely stunning in her straight white wedding dress. We pulled up in Chelsea Manor Street at the side entrance to Chelsea Register Office spot on time and Jennifer went in for her interview with the registrar.

The day was beautiful. After the ceremony the happy couple appeared at the front doors of Chelsea Reg at the top of the stairs where the family took some pictures in the glorious sunshine.

We then drove across the road to Sydney Street where Jennifer & alexander had some pictures taken in the park with the official photographer. I then drover the happy couple back to the Royal Garden Hotel where they joined their family for a celebratory meal.

We would like to wish Jennifer and Alexander all the very best for the future and we hope that their celebrations in Italy went well.