IMG_0594Sunday morning was an early start for me as I took Lily, our white TX4 up to Enfield for an 11am pick up. Ryan & Emma’s ceremony and reception had taken place at Gilwell Park which is a stunning if not strange kind of place. Th park surroundings are lovely and in the middle is a Hotel with function facilities, but also scattered around the park are various Scout Halls and other association places.

I arrived really early as I always do and parked up in the car park out of the way. Unexpectedly I was approached by a very young man who introduced himself as Ryan who asked if it was possible to leave a bit earlier than planned as they had eaten breakfast with the family and now wanted to get away to spend some time not heir own, this was fine by me as it meant finishing early.

IMG_0622I pulled around and parked up outside the main entrance to the hotel and Ryan asked if it was OK to have some pictures taken with the Taxi before we left which of course is fine, it turned out though that no one had a decent camera and there appeared to be nobody willing to take the pictures anyway. Luckily as always I had one of my DSLR cameras with me and was more than happy to take the pictures of the happy couple and their family. I ended up taking just under 100 pictures of the group and their friends which I latte bundled up into Drop Box and sent over to Ryan.

I am a keen photographer and love taking pictures and am more than happy to fill in when there is no photographer available to capture the moment on the weddings that I drive, I always carry one of my cameras which are professional quality Canon’s and am more than happy to forward any images that I take to the bride and groom free of charge.