On Sunday we were lucky enough to be part of Sharan & Jamie’s wedding celebrations which for us was in 2 parts. The first was to collect the happy couple and their family from the ceremony in Woolwich and drive them to the Crowne Plaza Hotel at Victoria Royal Docks where their reception was to take place.

The Taxis that Jamie chose were our White TX4 Wedding Taxi and Carlos’s Pink Eloper Wedding Taxi.

The ceremony was running a little late which Jamie explained was expected which put the days proceedings about 30 kins behind which didn’t pose a problem for us as we only ever book the taxis on one wedding each day.


We were to return to the hotel later that evening to collect the groom and his family and take them to the brides house where it is tradition in a Sikh Wedding for the groom to do some negotiating with the family so that he can take his bride.

The negotiations are in the form of bribing the females with money before they will even let the groom into the house to continue his negotiations with the other members of the family.

This part of the proceedings is quite fun to watch and is something that most people never get to see and Carlos and myself both agreed that it was a privilege to actually be involved with this part of the couples wedding day celebrations.

IMG_1255Once the groom has persuaded the family to let him take his bride he is then allowed to take her outside to the waiting wedding taxi where the brothers of the bride push the vehicle for the first few yards which is a symbol of good luck.

When the brothers had finished pushing the wedding taxi up the road we then drove the happy couple and family to the grooms home in Keston where both thanked Carlos and myself for our patience and help throughout the day.

We at wedding taxis were only too pleased to play a small part in making Sharan and Jamie’s day a special one and we wish them the very best for the future.