Worried about there Friday morning traffic, I left quite early to reach the pick up address where I was to collect Teresa in Putney. I need not have worried as the traffic was quite light and I arrived well over an hour early but I always prefer to have plenty of time rather than stressing about traffic and holdups.

Teresa came out of her flat at about 12:45, looking beautiful in her white wedding dress, which just gave us enough time for the short drive across Wimbledon to Sacred Heart Church on Edge Hill.

As Teresa’s photographer had already made her way to the church I took the opportunity of taking a couple of quick photographs of Teresa and her Dad as they got into the back of the Old English White Wedding Taxi which I will of course send over to her.

IMG_1298We arrived at the church the traditional 2 minutes late and we had managed to beat the bridesmaid to the church even though we allowed her to go ahead of us..

Sacred Heart is a really lovely Church with a driveway unto the doors it is surrounded by gardens and on this day the sun was shining which made it look even  more better. Being a Catholic Church the service was about 1 hour in length and it was quite hot sitting outside of the church waiting for the ceremony to end.

Teresa appeared at the doors of this beautiful church with her new husband Will to a round of applause and cheers from their guests.

After the formal and informal photographs were taken the guests were to be treated to a ride on a Routemaster Bus to the reception venue at Painshill Park along with a glass of champagne, I managed to get the happy couple a glass each before the bus left for which they were very grateful.

IMG_1331We took a very slow ride down to the reception to allow the bus to catch up with us and we arrived shortly before the guest which allowed the happy couple to have photographs taken with the wedding taxi unhindered.

Teresa kept thanking me for the wedding taxi and continually expressed how pleased she was with the service, we would like to wish Teresa and Will all the very best for the future.